Dressed to kill

Sketch for “Dressed to kill”, a discarded alternative proposition for the cover of “Punir d’aimer”, a collection of erotic stories by Octavie Delvaux, published by the famous French house La Musardine.

One these days, when I am finally through with my to do list, I will upgrade and ink that one…

Les affinités partagées (The Selbit Sawing Syndrom)

20161011_asc_les affinités partagées (the selbit sawing syndrom)_wip_blue_ig

Les affinités partagées (The Selbit Sawing Syndrom) – wip

This is a first shot at a drawing idea inspired by the trick allegedly invented by British magician P.T. Selbit in 1921, “Sawing a woman in half”.

It goes without saying that you only see half of the future drawing here  – stay tuned to see what happens with other half…