Ink is my Blood Movie · Erika Lust (2018)

‘I wish we could become ink ourselves, existing for all eternity within the pages of a book, immortal in our passion.’

For her collaboration with adult film director Erika Lust, Apollonia Saintclair created 10 animated drawings that were inserted in the live action.

The movie is directly inspired by the world of “Ink is my Blood” and actors Moth and Rust love each other between live scenes and animations, between pixels and ink, between realism and surrealism. Moth and Rust are a real-life couple who have been camming together, at the time of shooting with us, for 4 years. They’ve cornered the market for gothic, sexy, classy camming, with their artistic eyes and design minds creating a whole aesthetic that runs through all of their videos, their social media and their performance work. Take a look at the trailer:

The drawings series is available a single limited signed prints or as a complete portfolio here.

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