My world is a goldfish bowl

20200506_asc 961_La sirène d'intérieur (My world is a goldfish bowl)_©_W1500

Apollonia Saintclair 961 – 20200506 La sirène d’intérieur (My world is a goldfish bowl)

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In these strange days we are all separated from each other, connected only by the intangible thread of digital networks.


We crave for contact: we want to touch the grain of familiar skin, to smell the unique scent of a close body, to perceive the irradiation of its heat and the faint rustling of its breathing which make the presence of each individual an authentic and irreplaceable experience.


PLEASE STAY INSIDE takes its inspiration from this unbearable paradox, from the inexpressible nostalgia for past moments and from the promise of reunification still far away: In order to protect those you love, we have to keep them at bay.

To be reunited later, we must now be separated.


PLEASE STAY INSIDE is available as signed and numbered prints in A3, A4 and A5 format and also in postcard size, as Billets d’Amour, for those who wish to send a letter to those they love.​




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