20180222_asc 775_Le pare-soleil (The Caribbean Vampires)_©_h1100

« There is a ship, a freaking flying fortress loaded with a bunch of Eternals, a family of undead, that have been roaming all seven seas of the worlds since the Dutch Revolt. They have been sailing just beyond the edge of the horizon ever since and, over the centuries, they have been directly responsible for the desappearance of thousands of human beings. During the twenties of the last century they went corporate, building one of the first transnational company conglomerates, turning their nomadic habits into predatory business practices. Since that time they have been steering their empire through an army of minions scattered like malevolent metastases over six continents, enjoying a life of lush and luxury on their mobile, stealthy and very private hovering quarters. Do not be fooled by their youthful aspect: they are as old and sharp and tough as rocks. They are just ageless monsters that have lived so long that they have forgotten what is it to be human.“ — Thomas Selzam, Le Signe de Tanith « Les marins de toutes les nations croient à l’existence d’un bâtiment hollandais dont l’équipage est condamné par la justice divine, pour crime de pirateries et de cruautés abominables, à errer sur les mers jusqu’à la fin des siècles. On considère sa rencontre comme un funeste présage. » — P. Mellier, Dictionnaire infernal (1844).

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