Apollonia Saintclair 900 – L’ouroboros (Foe & favorite)

After two great weeks of campaigning and so much support from all of you, we have already reached an awesome 300% funding!

INK IS MY BLOOD – VOLUME FIVE is also ready to print – and it’s a beauty: I can’t wait to have it in my hands, still fresh from the press with its crisp black inks coming out of the page.

Yet the campaign is still ongoing and we still have 16 days left to push our ambitions further.

The next challenge is still to increase the circulation of the book so that every fan can get a copy.

Please spread this news, tell your friends or post it on social media. I need your help to reach everyone and to beat censorship.

If you haven’t done it already: preorder now


148 pages of black and white fantasies with a foreword by Anthony Byrne

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