I am so excited to announce that at the request of many of you and after a lightning design phase, we have put our latest creation into production: the COLLECTION CASE.

The Collection Case is a versatile box specifically designed to accommodate and combine Volumes of the Ink is my Blood Series, with a maximum of 3 books in each box. This flexible case turns your separate issues of Ink is my Blood into a beautiful object while protecting them. It is not a reissue of the Trilogy Collector’s Box, but a new object, which will serve the purpose of collecting your Ink is my Blood Volumes, regardless of whether it is the Trilogy or whether you are a new beginner collector.

I am also very happy that we were able to make the Collection Case more affordable but just as desirable as the Trilogy Collector’s Box which is sold out. This new item is already available in presale and the first shipments will go out November 9, 2020.

Please order, as long as it is available:


  1. I love the beauty of black and white line work and have spent decades working and growing and learning the width and breath of such love. There are so few artists who have made the line their own: Virgil Finlay, Franklin Booth, Moebius, Reed Crandall and more…You are an inspiration in a world which worships pixels and computer programs and I find hope with each of your creations that others will rediscover the possibility of what a simple pen and bottle of ink can create in the right hands. Please continue to challenge the minds and hearts of those out there who believe limits should be put upon creativity and know there are many who stand awed and blessed with your courage and work.


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