INK IS MY BLOOD with a story by Jehnny Beth

I was very touched that author, singer and actress Jehnny Beth agreed to write a short story to inaugurate INK IS MY BLOOD VOLUME FOUR. We met on social media and I think I can say that the mutual recognition was immediate. I hope this is the starting point of long and fruitful collaboration. Thank you Jehnny

“What if having sex with a planet was akin to having sex with god? The thought lashed against her brain. Can one fuck with god? Mars’ vibrations became pure obsession. Lisa reflected that perhaps she should be alone on the D-day. She asked to be on leave and isolated herself at home. There is an important pursuit of objectivity in science but in the end, as much as we want to believe it’s objective, the only way forward is through the individual people: it is personal. She knew The Big One would be a satisfaction beyond belief, why all of this was worth it. Many times she imagined it happening. The question was: When?”

from The BIG ONE by Jehnny Beth

Ink is my Blood – Volume Four – 2020

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