Queue choisir


Les inrockuptibles – 24.07.2019 – Numéro Sexe 2019


Eight animal portraits made for the French magazine Les inrockuptibles, which asks you in its summer “Sexe” edition through a test with the evocative title “Queue Choisir” to guess which penis corresponds to which animal. Let’s see if you find all the answers and, incidentally, with which of these animals you identify the most…

Here is the final result, the complete double page, which brings together my little bestiary, with the corresponding eight appendices. It is quite surprising how creative Mother Nature can be.

This commission was an express one – I had only 6 days from briefing to delivery – but a real pleasure, since drawing animals is always very rewarding and I had absolute carte blanche.


Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 17.57.54.png

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