Bildschirmfoto 2018-12-26 um 17.56.38 Kopie


This is something that I wanted to do for a long time: thank you all with a small tribute, a selection of messages and pictures that you sent me to show me your love for my work.

When Instagram or Twitter shut down my accounts, this is what I missed most: the loss of contact with this sharing community that has accompanied me for years. You can not know how much I appreciate your support. I draw because it’s a vital necessity for me, but your presence on the other side of the net is a tangible sign that what I’m doing also matters to other people.

I try as much as possible to answer your messages, but unfortunately it is impossible for me to get there completely, because, in the end, it is time that I then miss to draw. This message is my way to let you know that even when I do not answer, your messages are good for me.

The music of this clip is @laentropica, check her site on, you will love it!

And if you like my work, but do not have the book yet, you’ll find it here:

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